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I’m Kate Chadbourne – singer, storyteller, poet, harper, teacher, and scholar.

I’m here to kindle imagination, delight, and a sense of deep welcome through teaching, performing, and creating beautiful words and music.

I look forward to creating something wonderful with you.

To book me for a show at your library, museum, or community center, please click HERE.

If you are interested in my custom-made school programs, please click HERE.

To study harp, piano, or singing in English or Irish language with me, please click HERE.

For writing support for your application, book, or creative project, please click HERE.

To explore a one-on-one mentorship for your young scholar, please click HERE.

Guiding Stars as I Teach, Perform, & Create

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Festivity & Welcome

Everyone belongs and there is magic enough to go around.

Make it special!

Season & Cycle

Attuning to the rhythms of Beauty and dancing with tradition

Celebrate the seasons!


Freedom & Play

Creating and growing in a spirit of fun and exploration

Say yes to fun!

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What I offer – with JOY!

  • Performances at libraries, schools, museums, churches, and private homes that spark excitement, lift the heart, and stir the imagination
  • Teaching at schools and universities and through The Bardic Academy, my innovative school for musicians, singers, writers, and young scholars.

  • Songs, stories, poems, and scholarship that aim to deliver insight, beauty, possibility, and enchantment