Kate Well-Wishing Songs is a collection of 16 blessing songs, improvised on piano and harp, and one song with words to welcome a newborn baby (or anyone who needs to remember how dearly welcome we all are here). Each song is woven through with all my heartfelt wishes for flourishing and joy in every aspect of your life, dear listener!
Kate The Irishy Girl gathers some of Kate's favorite traditional songs in Irish and English, all of them special because they connect her to people and places she loves.
Kate Kate's first solo CD features 16 of her original songs with accompaniment by Tommy Anderson, Matt Heaton, Valerie Thompson, and Booth Hardy.
Etain Kate Chadbourne collaborated with Tim Janis and a fine host of musicians to produce a CD telling the story of Étaín through music. Kate chose the story, wrote the lyrics, and sang them on the CD. She also provided extensive liner notes to help listeners understand this ancient Irish story.
South Wind South Wind is the record of an evening where a number of musicians gathered to play Celtic songs.

The Harp-Boat is Kate's first chapbook of poetry and the winner of the Kulupi Press 2007 Sense of Place Chapbook Contest!