Hello! I’m Kate Chadbourne – singer, storyteller, poet, harper, teacher, scholar, and apprentice enchanter.  I’m here to kindle imagination and delight through teaching, performing, and creating beauty.

My favorite times are when we create, imagine, love, and enchant TOGETHER and the result is

a wild and frolicsome gathering

a song that lifts the heart

a story that opens the path before you

poems that ring with truth and power

and a world that feels friendly and filled with possibility and magic.

Friends, let’s enchant the world, story by story, song by song, heart by heart.

Let’s do the bardic work of creating beautiful lives.

Welcome, with all my heart. I’m glad you’re here!

Guiding Stars as I Teach, Perform, & Create

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Festivity & Welcome

Everyone belongs and there is magic enough to go around.

Make it special!

Season & Cycle

Attuning to the rhythms of Beauty and dancing with tradition

Celebrate the seasons!


Freedom & Play

Creating and growing in a spirit of fun and exploration

Say yes to fun!

Kate smiling leaf mask

What I offer – with JOY!

  • Performances at libraries, schools, museums, churches, and private homes that spark excitement, lift the heart, and stir the imagination
  • Teaching at schools and universities and through The Bardic Academy, my innovative school for great-hearted people at the crossroads of artistry and magic.
  • Songs, stories, poems, and scholarship that aims to connect, include, and illuminate beauty, possibility, and hope